Talks, Workshops, and Other Speaking

In addition to our retail publishing imprints and customized services, Stories of You can tailor keynotes, seminars, workshops and other speaking to your needs, events and themes.

Our Speaking

Stories of You co-founder Suzanne Fox is a dynamic speaker whose talks on life story writing, organizational storytelling, story structure, books, publishing, and healing after loss have guided thousands of students and lecture/talk guests for over twenty years. From a 45-minute keynote to a weekend-long writing retreat, sessions with Suzanne are full of information, insight and inspiration.

Suzanne’s signature style combines an unparalleled expertise in her subjects with a warm, encouraging, and compassionate presence. Called The Memoir Whisperer™ and The Story Whisperer™ for her ability to shape even the most complex stories—as well as to calm the concerns of the individuals and organizations trying to tell them—she is unifies diverse groups, elicits rich dialogue, and leaves listeners more confident, more knowledgeable and more motivated.

Though rich with vision and imagination, Suzanne's talks are always rooted in the expertise that comes from hands-on experience. As someone whose three books each appeared from top publishers...whose consulting and editing work has helped organizations from the Mayor's Office of the City of New York to the YMCA's Arts and Humanities Office to Citibank shape complex stories, documents and offerings...whose speaking has reached several thousand listeners over more than twenty years...and whose personal experience of caregiving, loss and hospice informs her compassionate talks on those subjects, she can speak both about both the "big picture" and the smallest details of every topic she addresses.

You may wish to have Suzanne’s inspiring support for a “write-in” as you gather contributions for your anthology, or simply offer a talk or workshop as part of your outreach, development, training or staff support efforts. Either way, we’re confident the session(s) will help you meet your goals.

Suzanne offers sessions in a variety of formats, from brief keynotes to extended workshops. The topics below offer just a brief glimpse of possible topics, and all talks are customized to your needs and goals. Contact us at 910.528.6642 or by email to find out more or book a talk, seminar or workshop. 

Selected speaking and teaching topics

​“The Heart of Story: Six Core Concepts Every Storyteller Must Know”

“What’s Your Story? Finding, Gathering, and Sharing Your Organization’s Stories”

"The Organizational Arc: Individual Voices, Shared Story"

“Effortless Memoir: Writing Life and Family History Without Misery”

“Writing Our Parents: Capturing Lives, Lessons and Legacy”

“My Hospice Story: Finding Life and Love in Loss”

“Sharing Our Stories, Sharing Our Strength: Journaling for Caregivers”

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