About us. We have the same last name because we're twins. Like all twins, we disagree on some things, such as which one of us Mom loved best and who dated the most embarrassing person in high school. But over the course of decades we've spent doing very different things and honing very different skills, we've found that we also agree on even more. It's from that common ground that Stories of You was built.

We agree that there is profound value in the sharing of experiences, stories and insights, both for those who tell and those who listen. We agree that asking a resonant question is a powerful way for that sharing to start. We agree that there isn't a single answer to such a question, but many, and that in those many answers can be found the most enduring, inspiring truths. We agree that books remain a superb way to share questions, answers, stories and truths. And finally, we agree that if you're going to create books in today's saturated publishing marketplace, you'd better darn create good ones.

Our biographies and credentials are below, and references (no, not from Mom) are gladly provided upon request.


SoYou’s Creative Director, Suzanne Fox, is an author, speaker, and longtime consultant on book structure, publication and marketing. 

“In addition to crafting my own books, I’ve served as a publisher’s ‘slush pile’ screener, Admissions Director for the Columbia School of the Arts, writing workshop teacher, and editor of my own online journal. Crazily diverse as that work sounds, it’s given me a unique vision of books and publishing.” 

The recipient of an M.F.A. in Writing from Columbia University and a regular reviewer for Publishers Weekly, Suzanne's books include the memoir Home Life: A Journey of Rooms and ecollections (Simon & Schuster), which was featured in magazines including Glamour and chosen an Editor’s Pick by the Chicago Tribune. She is a gifted teacher who has led events for organizations including the American Association of University Women, the VNA Hospice of the Treasure Coast, and the Vero Beach Museum of Art. 

Suzanne's consulting clients including the Mayor’s Office of the City of New York, the Treasure Coast Hospice, and a wide variety of individual authors. “This is clearly a time of great challenges for publishers,” she says. “But books remain transfor- mative tools for both individuals and organizations, and there are more ways than ever before to conceptualize, create, and 
share them well.” 

When not controlling the 
imaginary lives of fictional
people in her upcoming 
novel, Suz edits the online 
journal Society Nineteen
which interviews contemporary 
authors writing about 19th 
century issues and experi-
ence. Find out more about 
Suzanne, who lives in Vero 
Beach, FL, on her website
at www.bookstrategy.com.

The operational expertise of Andy Fox, who oversees SoYou’s client accounts, planning, project management, and sales, is grounded in nearly four decades of managing complex, time-sensitive operational and financial systems.

“The core of my work has been creating streamlined, actionable plans that can be executed efficiently down to the smallest detail without sacrificing priorities like organizational values and mission,” he says. “Balancing the big and small pictures is always challenging, but it can be done. Questioning widely and listening closely, learning and understanding deeply, building and energizing strong teams, and paying close attention every step of the way is key.”

Andy has a diverse work background. He taught public secondary school special needs students, winning a state grant for a novel classroom management approach. He coached interscholastic teams in several varsity sports. Andy managed manufacturing and maintenance operations in two different industries for two companies, overseeing several hundred employees and achieving new production standards while reducing costs and achieving safety and quality goals in each.  He became a registered financial advisor, acting branch manager and senior vice-president for a top investment firm, specializing in retirement plans and reaching the top 20% of producers nationwide.

Helping one of his twins 
through a 13-month treat-
ment program for life-
threatening cancer at Duke 
Children’s Hospital has given
 Andy a special interest in 
both the work of healing 
institutions and the importance 
of expressing and preserving 
personal legacy. A Phi Beta 
Kappa graduate of the 
University of North Carolina at 
Chapel Hill, Andy lives in 
Pinehurst, NC with his wife. 
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