Customized book adaptation and creation services

In addition to publishing books for the retail market, we offer partially and fully customized book creation—as well as story, memoir and book-related speaking—to corporations, organizations, and groups. 

Whatever you choose, we help you bring the voices of your organization together to engage your community, express your strengths and preserve your extraordinary legacy. And everything we do comes with responsive service…meticulous craftsmanship…expertise in all aspects of book planning, editing and production…and ability to understand your needs—from the outside in and the inside out—at a very affordable cost. 

For more details, please browse our services list below, call us at 772.539-2904, or  contact us by email  to begin a conversation. 

“Essential Expressions” private label editions 

As a contributor to one of our hospice, hotel or wedding venue anthologies, you can order a private-label edition of the published book, which displays your organization's name and logo on the front and back covers and features 16 pages of your own text and images right at the front of the book.  

The result? A beautifully designed, impeccably produced book that showcases your organization’s unique character and gifts. Comparably priced with many of the marketing tools you are already using but offering value and versatility that can’t be duplicated by other approaches, your Essential Expressions edition of our anthology gives you your own book for much less than the cost of full book creation and positions you among the elite in your field. 

Whether sold at your events and venues or given to media representatives, funders, board members or other influential individuals, your Essential Expressions book is a powerful resource for outreach, marketing, fundraising, social media engagement, recruiting and retaining top-level talent, and more.  

Your 16 pages include 12 pages to fill as you choose. You select the balance of text and images, the content to cover, and the order in which material is placed; we design the pages to meld our book’s formatting with your content and branding. The final four pages of your 16-page section in the front of the book consist of the essay you contributed to the anthology. And again, your logo is prominently placed on the book’s front and back covers. 

The cost to create your Essential Expressions edition includes our hands-on help as you choose your custom content; our Contents Kit that makes submitting your text and images a snap; our editorial support and proofreading; preliminary and, incorporating your feedback, final design of your customized 16-page section, front and back book covers; our launch and marketing support package; and 75 copies of your finished, branded book.

Should you wish, you may order additional copies on in whatever quantity or timeframe you choose. Or, just contact us for discount prices on orders of 100 or more books. While your private-label version of our anthology may not be sold online, you are free to sell copies at any of your own locations or events as well as sharing them free.  

“Meaningful Moments” Branded Imprints 

Launching in 2018, our Meaningful Moments book program lets you celebrate the voices of your team, clients/patients, and community in an anthology entirely built with your own content, but without the additional cost, time investment, risks or complexity of developing a new book concept. The result is a beautifully designed, impeccably produced book with enduring impact for your organization.  

Your book reflects the title, focus, themes, contributor group(s), and other elements you choose but is produced under our trademarked series concept The Moments That Matter.™ 

When you choose to create a Meaningful Moments book, we provide hands-on support, brainstorming and training at every step of the way, from helping you define your focus and contributor group right through supporting your book launch. We further support your book’s creation through our Meaningful Moments Book Creator client-only web page, which is stocked with guidance, examples and case studies, templates of outreach and submission materials, instructions, FAQs and troubleshooting help.  

“Gifts of Guidance” fully customized anthologies 

Want to capture your organization's vision, values, history, and legacy in their most powerful, enduring and unique form? Let us work with you to create a fully customized anthology that gathers contributions from the varied individuals who benefit from, serve, know and appreciate your organization.  

We act as your off-site book creation team, expertly handling all aspects of content creation from initial concept to contribution editing, working with your guidance but without distracting your staff from their more mission-central work. The result is a unique, long-lasting book that conveys who you are with extraordinary power. 

Workbook/anthology packages 

We're glad to provide a customized workbook along with our anthology-creation process. Created to align perfectly with the groups, themes and goals targeted for your anthology and of course with your organizational mission and branding as well, the workbook is a hands-on tool to get the storytellers in and around your organization excited about recording and sharing their experiences. Whether you produce it as a print document, a PDF that is sharable online, or both, this reminder that they and their stories have unique value is something that recipients will use, enjoy and remember. 

Talks, seminars, workshops and retreats

Engage those in and around your organization even more fully when you work with us on one of the book formats above, or offer a "stand-alone" talk, seminar, retreat or other class. You may wish to use the workshops and/or workbooks to gather contributions for your anthology, or simply offer them as part of your outreach, engagement, training or staff support efforts. Offered by dynamic speaker Suzanne Fox, our talks and classes are a uniquely powerful way to engage your community. 

For more on our speaking, click here. Just call us at 772.539.2904 or contact us by email  for a no-cost, no-obligation discussion of how our workshops and/or workbooks can serve you. 

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