Customized book adaptation and creation services. In addition to publishing books for the retail market, we offer customized book creation for corporations, organizations, and groups.

If you have contributed to one of our anthologies—and we hope you will—we can provide you a private-label edition of that anthology and/or a specially adapted reprint of your contribution.

Whether or not you've contributed, we can work with you to develop a customized, one of a kind anthology that brings the voices of your organization together to express your strengths and preserve your extraordinary legacy. Whatever you choose, you'll enjoy our responsive service, meticulous craftsmanship, and ability to understand your needs from the outside in and the inside out...all at a very affordable cost.

For more details, please browse our services list below, check out our frequently asked questions, or call us at 772.539-2904, or contact us by email to begin a conversation.

Reprints. Reprints of your contribution to one of our books are a powerful yet affordable way to tell the community that you've been chosen as one of the extraordinary organizations our anthologies celebrate. We'll be glad to provide your desired number of copies of a beautifully produced reprint with your organization's name and logo on the cover.  

Private-Label Editions. As a contributor to one of our anthologies, you can order a private-label edition of the public/retail book that gives you the outreach, marketing and legacy power of a printed book without the cost of creating a fully customized publication. 

Commission a private-label edition and we'll place your organizational name and logo on the cover; give your contribution to the anthology the first slot rather than its usual alphabetical placement among other contributions; and add eight opening pages that we customize for your organization using text and images you provide. You determine the content for these four 2-page "spreads," choosing up to 4 photographs along with text elements that may include an opening letter/statement, organizational mission and/or history, donor and/or sponsor/partner list, or other material of your choice.

You may order as many copies as you like, when you choose. While private-label editions may not be sold online, you are free to sell them at any of your own locations as well as distribute or gift them free as desired.

Fully customized anthologies. Want to capture your organization's vision, values, history, and legacy in their most powerful, enduring form? Let us work with you to create a customized anthology that gathers contributions from the varied individuals who benefit from, serve, know and appreciate your organization. We act as your off-site book creation team, expertly handling all aspects of content creation from initial concept to contribution editing, working with your guidance but without distracting your staff from their more mission-central work. The result is a unique, long-lasting book that conveys who you are with extraordinary power.

We welcome you to call us at 772.538.5934 or contact us by email to discuss how our reprints, private label books, or custom anthologies can serve you.

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